Dear Physicians and Friends,


We have some exciting news here at Envision Sport Physical Therapy and Pilates!


Darrin and I have been honored to lead rehabilitation centers in the Orange County area for the past 17 years. We live in the communities we serve and have always been passionate about good healthcare. We have always had goals to continue to grow throughout Orange County to help more patients while keeping the same dedicated level of care to those we treat.


In order to accomplish that goal, we have partnered with a company that shares our same compassion for our clients/patients and dedication to quality-care. Spine & Sport Physical Therapy is leading in research and patient care across California. Partnering with Spine & Sport will allow us to serve more communities with the same quality care that you have experienced with us for so long.


In addition to serving more communities, this partnership will offer larger roles to our employees in their career paths so they can stay dedicated to helping you succeed using Pilates as a health tool as well as a rehabilitation tool.


As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I am personally excited to continue to lead the rehabilitation team and see patients achieve their rehabilitation goals. It brings me great pride and pleasure to see people succeed with our help. In addition, I look forward to helping a new generation of rehabilitation specialists see success with their patients through mentorship. Darrin is also looking forward to growing our practice into more communities to expand our reach and help more patients with their needs. We are excited to be leaders in the healthcare industry while ensuring that we continue to put patient care first as we navigate the ever-changing field of physical therapy.


Please reach out with any questions!


Thank you!


Melissa Walls, PT, DPT and Darrin Yee

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