Have some questions about Physical Therapy & Pilates? See the most commonly asked questions below.



Q: Does physical therapy work?
A: Physical therapy can work. We focus on a long-term solution through exercise and recreating balance in the body. The process can take four to six weeks to start feeling significant change in the body because it takes the body that amount of time to start making functional strength gains.

Q: What will I do in physical therapy?
A: As a patient at Envision Sport, you will receive one-on-one physical therapy treatments. We never do group therapy, cue cards, or unsupervised treatment. Most patients will receive a form of manual therapy treatment, guided therapeutic treatment exercises, and other physical therapy modalities such as electrical stimulation (e-stim), ultrasound, or light therapy.

Q: Who is your best physical therapist?

A: All of our physical therapists have different and unique skill sets. This is what makes Envision Sport unique. Depending on your diagnosis, we will place you with the best therapist who specializes in your injury or diagnosis.

Q: What should I expect?
A: We focus on a long-term solution through exercise and recreating balance in the body. The process can take four to six weeks to start feeling significant change in the bod because it takes the body that amount of time to start making functional strength gains

Q: What if I can't afford physical therapy?

A: We understand physical therapy can seem expensive! Come in and get evaluated by one of our therapists so we can at least provide you with some different options to help keep your cost low, and even give you some at-home exercises. After your initial appointment, come talk with us - we have some different options for you.

Q: What hours are you open? What if I can't make those times?

A: Our Rancho Santa Margarita office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 7:00pm and Saturdays by appointment only.
   Our Irvine location is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 7:00pm.
   We do everything in our power to accommodate your busy schedule. After your first appointment, we can work to get you scheduled to not interfere with work or       school.

Q: Do I need a prescription from my doctor to attend Physical Therapy?

A: In the state of California, you do not need to see your doctor before seeing your physical therapist (depending on your insurance). See our direct access page for more information.

Q: What do I Bring to My First Physical Therapy Appointment?

A: For your first appointment, please bring your photo ID, insurance card, physical therapy prescription (if you have one), and a change of clothes (something that you would typically work out in). The following insurance companies require additional forms to be completed: Cigna, United Healthcare, and Medicare. Please allow 10-15 minutes before your first appointment to complete the additional forms.  All patient responsibilities, including co-pays, co-insurances, and deductibles are due at the time services are rendered. Please bring any necessary payment to your first appointment.

Q: What if I can’t make My Physical Therapy Appointment?

A: If you have an emergency and cannot make your Physical Therapy Appointment, you can notify our office at least 24-hours before your missed appointment. If notice is not given before 24 hours of your appointment, there is a $50 fee.


Q: What is Pilates?
A:Pilates is a unique form of exercise that was founded on the basis of rehabilitation. It is a core (abdominals) based exercise that focuses on strengthening and lengthening muscles around the core. We use Pilates because it is a non-weight-bearing exercise that makes it easy or not stressful on the spine and joints.

Q: Where do I start if I have never done Pilates?
A: Start with our Introductory Special! It is $109 and teaches you the Pilates system and basics with two private sessions and then schedule 2 group classes with our convenient online scheduling feature.

Q: Are your Pilates instructors certified?A: All of our Pilates instructors are certified and have continued education courses that make them the best in the business! Some of our instructors are also licensed physical therapists and can adapt exercises based on your limitations or injuries. 


Q: What Days and Times are Pilates Classes offered? 

A: To see an up-to-date schedule of our Pilates classes, see our schedule here

Q: What do I Bring to My First Pilates Class? 

A: We are excited to have you for your first class with us! Please bring with you water, toe socks, towel (optional), grip gloves (optional), and wear comfortable workout attire. You can schedule your first class here. Please arrive a few minutes before your first class to fill out a liability waiver. 

Q: What if I can’t make My Pilates Class? 

A: If you have an emergency and cannot make your Pilates class, you can use your one monthly no-penalty pass. The no-penalty pass can be used for a no-show class or a late cancel notice. No-penalty passes can be used once per month and cannot roll over to the next month. If you have used your one no-penalty pass for the month, you can contact our office at least 24-hours before your missed class to avoid a lost class. If notice is not given before 24 hours of your class, that class will be a lost class. 


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Q: What insurances does Envision Sport accept?

A: Envision Sport accepts all major PPO insurances. We are in-network with nearly all insurance companies. We also accept Medicare, workers compensation, personal injury lien with an attorney, and cash rates.

Q: Does Envision Sport accept HMO plans?

A: Envision sport does not have any HMO contracts, but call our office and let us take your insurance information to assist you in finding the best physical therapy clinic for your injury.