Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates Offers Free Injury Assessment Appointments to New Clients.

When we notice unusual aches and pains within our bodies, it is understandable to get curious. Finding a sports injury rehab facility and scheduling a free injury assessment appointment is typically the first step toward figuring out the cause for concern. Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates is full-service physical therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation facility with trained and certified therapists ready to render aid and assistance.

For individuals looking to better understand the aches, pains, and groans that their body has been making, the team at Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates is ready and waiting to help. Let's explore the process together to prepare clients for the next step in their rehabilitation process.

1) Injury Assessment Appointment - The first step we want to take toward feeling better and living well is to perform a free injury assessment. The team at Envision Sport Physical Therapy and Pilates has been offering free assessments to assist their community. This service can be enjoyed at both the RSM and Irvine facility, so call ahead to book a session!

2) Create an Action Plan - Understanding our pains is just the first step in addressing them. After we have met with a physician to assess our injury, we can create a plan of action to reduce pain, improve our health, and get back to living life the way that we want. Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates offers a range of health services and patient resources

Included Action Plan Services Available Are:

  • Pilates

  • Physical Therapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Telehealth Services

  • Laser Therapy

3) Sign Up For Services Today - With an action plan at the ready and some guidance in our back pocket, we are ready to get on the road to restorative health. with the sports injury rehab specialist best suited to the task.
Sign up for your free injury assessment appointment by contacting Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates today!