Explore Life-Changing Physical Therapy in Irvine With the Team at Envision Sport Physical Therapy!

The way that we react to aging, injuries, and diet can inform how our body feels. As we go through the many different stressors in life, it might behoove us to turn to physical therapy services. Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates offers physical therapy in Irvine angling to provide revitalizing support to those in need.

Whether we are discussing age-related physical ailments or are looking to rehab from a sports-related injury, the right physical therapy team can help to get the job done. Let's take some time to examine how a physical therapist can support the continued growth, vitality, and physical improvement that we need.

Common Reasons To Go See a Physical Therapist

The first thing we need to underscore is just how dynamic a healing modality physical therapy can be. There are many common injuries that can impact us during our lives, from wear-and-tear to age-related ailments. Here are a few of the most common reasons to see a physical therapist. 

  1. Sports Injuries - From our little league competitors to our collegiate athletes, taking care of our health is of the utmost importance. When sports-related injuries plague us, a physical therapist can bring about support. Common injuries include fractures, sprains, dislocations, tendonitis, and even dislocation.

  2. Post-Surgery Rehab - Surgery is just the start on our path to recovery. Recover from surgery while optimizing our effort with a physical therapist.

  3. Deal With Chronic Conditions - Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates helps its clients to understand and properly deal with conditions that are chronic in nature. From back pain and headaches to carpal tunnel syndrome, learn the maneuvers required to live better, feel better, and heal better.

So if you are in need of a physical therapist or physical therapy in Irvine, contact Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates today. As a member of the community, Envision Sport Physical Therapy looks forward to helping their clients to live better, every day!