Celebrating 13 Years!

Envision Sport Celebrating 13 Years

It was 13 years ago this August that Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates first opened its doors (then under the name of South County Physical Therapy & Pilates). Over the years, we have gone through some changes; our business name, ownership, remodels, the addition of a new clinic, and so on! But one thing has NEVER changed... our love for what we do!

What do the staff members (now called Envisioners) love about their jobs here at Envision?

"What I love about being a Pilates instructor at Envision is...our clients they are generous, hard working, kind, fun and funny, and a true pleasure to work with.I love that they are getting results from Pilates and they share those results...from less back, knee or neck pain, to firmer muscles, feeling more confident in a bathing suit, and getting compliments on their bodies.It is so rewarding to see them get stronger, more flexible, firmer, increasing their bone density and to watch them do exercises that they once couldn't do! Our clients are amazing!" - Linda Avarello, Pilates Instructor

"I like the feeling of teaching someone something about exercise technique or their anatomy they did not know and now understand and will use in the future to prevent an injury. I like feeling that I can give a patient time to relax and enjoy the time spent rehabbing instead of seeing it as a chore if they understand what they are doing and have a good time doing it and therefore get more out of it. Also I like seeing an athlete get strong and recover from an injury but even more I enjoy seeing the average patient regain the strength to function in their everyday life because sometimes people get down about their injured state and see it as a long term life problem." - Robert King, Physical Therapy Aide Trainer

"I love that I get to help change people’s lifestyle and educate them on the importance of taking care of their body! As one of the owner's of the company, I love that I have the opportunity to employ other people who have the same love of helping patients with their physical therapy needs." - Darrin Yee, Owner & CEO

"As a product of physical therapy, I love that in my role, I have the opportunity to interact with patients and encourage them throughout their journey. It's so fulfilling to be able to go to a doctor's office and be able to say 'Your patient has improved so much since day one of physical therapy!' I love that I get to come to work every day to a setting where our mission & goal each and every day is to see our patients return to the things that bring them joy & happiness." - Bren Schader, Director of Marketing & Sales

"The best thing about working at Envision Physical Therapy and Pilates is the community feel. More than once a person I know whether it be a teacher, neighbor or someone from my daughter's soccer team comes to Envision for Therapy or to sign up for Pilates. It's great to be part of a community Physical Therapy office." - Donna Moon, Pilates Instructor

"I love seeing patients progress every time they come in. Seeing the difference between their first and last day always amazes & inspires me. I am looking forward to becoming a Physical Therapist myself so I can continue to help people recover from their injuries." - Emily Dunne, Physical Therapy Aide

"I love being a physical therapist at Envision Sport because I love helping people get back to what they love to do without pain. At Envision, we treat our patients like family because we are one big family. It's great to work with such an amazing team to accomplish a common goal and help our patients." - Shelby McCalla, Staff Physical Therapist

"I love doing anything and everything I can to make sure our patients have a positive physical therapy experience, whether it is making sure they are educated on their insurance benefits or occasionally helping them through their exercises, or anything in between. It is so rewarding to see patients come full circle. I get to witness them on their first day with any deficits they may have, and then their progress on a visit to visit basis, until they have achieved their goals and are no longer in need of physical therapy. It is even more rewarding when I get to see our patients transition into Pilates clients and watch them, as well as anyone else who is new to our Studio, fall in love with Pilates just like I have." - Laura Lane, Office Manager

"I have helped more than 10 past employees get into professional graduate schools including PT and PA school and seen them launch successful health care careers! Having a patient tell you “Thank you! You have changed my life” means the world to me. Healthcare is not always an easy career, but this makes all the sacrifices worth it!" - Melissa Walls, Owner & Physical Therapist

"I love to help people and working here allows me to provide great patient care. When patients tell me that they are feeling better and we get to discharge them, it makes me happy because we made their bodies feel 100% (or close to 100%) better. We had one patient come in with migraines and after coming into us for a couple visits she came in one day crying because she said she woke up for the first time in 8 years without a headache. That’s why I want to become a physical therapist - so I can help people as much as we helped her." - Nicole Maycock, Client Care Specialist

Over the past 13 years, we have seen many patients progress through their physical therapy journey; some coming back for other injuries & others coming back to show us how well they are doing post-therapy. On the Pilates side, we have seen hundreds of clients walk in the door with no idea what Pilates is - to later become Pilates-addicts!

As we celebrate 13 years, we can only dream of what the next 13 years brings - new injuries from new & old faces, more people falling in love with Pilates, physical therapy aides returning as physical therapists, and so on. Thank YOU for being part of our history but more importantly, thank you for being part of our future.

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