Patient Spotlight: Sandy H.

Sandy started Physical Therapy at Envision Sport in July of 2018 to treat her shoulder that was causing her a lot of pain, discomfort and limited her activities. She was hesitant to start physical therapy and had little hope that it could help for this severe of a problem. However, she took a leap of faith because physical therapy was her last option before surgery.

When we met Sandy, she had been in pain for quite some time and had a cortisone shot to help relieve some pain. She was unable to enjoy not only her favorite activities like square dancing, but also the basic activities of every day life. She was experiencing difficulty and pain with any movement that involved reaching behind her back, or above her head. To Sandy’s surprise, she “really feels 100% back to normal,” now that she has completed her Physical Therapy, She can now raise her arms above her head while spinning around on the dance floor, she can dress herself comfortably, tie an apron behind her back and walk briskly while pumping her arms!

Sandy was committed to her PT treatment every single week, arriving to every appointment and completing her assigned stretches at home. When asked about her experience at Envision Sport, she said, “All of the people that I worked with from the Physical Therapists to the people who were helping, them seemed very committed to getting me well. I never had the feeling that they were ever just going through their paces.”

We are so grateful that we were given the opportunity to help Sandy get healthier, stronger, regain the ability to do the things she loves and show her the power of physical therapy. She made it clear to us that she wants to share her story for anyone else out there who is feeling hopeless and unsure about whether or not Physical Therapy can help them because not long ago she too was that person.

Can you relate to Sandy’s story? Or, have you had a similar experience here at Envision Sport? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email or give us a call at (949) 713-6445.

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