Patient Spotlight: Billie H.

Billie started coming to Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates unsure about physical therapy because she had never had it in the past. Safe to say she was on the fence, but open to the possibility that PT could help her severe knee soreness. This soreness impacted both her functionality and mobility because she began to compensate by favoring the other knee. The trickle down effect it had on her gait, feet, ankles and hips impacted her everyday life with great strain.

Bille H.

After working with us and completing her physical therapy, she has reported a full knee recovery! She has no limitations to her everyday mobility and functions. It is a total, happy, surprise to her because she truly believed there would be some type of residual soreness and there simply is none. She appreciated the fact that her PT did not just treat the pain, but her overall body mechanics that led to true healing and showed her how to sustain that recovery. This was her first physical therapy experience and highly recommends it to those who need it. Billie hopes to never have an injury like this again, but if she does she says, “I’m coming right back to Envision.”

When asked about her experience at Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates, Billie stated that she liked the personal attention from the therapists. "I felt at ease with each one who worked with me, especially Courtney. I also appreciated Envision's ability to work around my schedule.”

We are honored to have been part of Billie’s recovery journey and are excited to see her back to enjoying her life.

Can you relate to Billie’s story? Or, have you had a similar experience here at Envision Sport? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email or give us a call at (949) 713-6445.

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