Patient Spotlight: Ron P.


Ever since his near fatal car accident in November of 2006, Ron has had quite the journey. The accident left him with a broken femur, leading him to surgery where his doctor inserted a rod. Unfortunately, about 8 months after the initial surgery, the rod had to be replaced because the original one was too long and began causing problems. About 9 years later, he began experiencing intermittent knee problems including painful locking and a loss of range of motion as he began favoring his injured side. No longer willing to live with limitations, Ron returned to the doctor ready for a knee replacement. However, his doctor had something else in mind - physical therapy.

At the direction of his doctor, Ron sought out a physical therapy clinic to close to his home when he found Envision Sport.

He was convinced that the recommendation to start physical therapy was not for his betterment, but rather a required delay by insurance in order to avoid paying for a surgery. Immediately after his car accident physical therapy had helped him immensely and got him back to work ASAP; allowing him to avoid a financial devastation and support his three daughters. But, this time around his issues were no longer acute, they were chronic. Thinking he needed to fail PT in order to get his surgery approved by his insurance and doctor, Ron started his physical therapy with all expectations of failing.


To his surprise, physical therapy has changed his life yet again. When asked about his experience at Envision Sport, Ron shared, “Dr. Jaclyn Bissani was very thorough in her initial diagnostic exam. She immediately crafted a blueprint and then modified it over time to customize it for my goals. When required, and I was unable to match with Dr. Bissani’s schedule, the rest of the team immediately picked up the ball and maintained continuity. I have spent the past 26 years in the healthcare industry and I am very well aware that communication between specialists is sadly very rare. In this case, the team was all singing from the same page and all the PTAs were very helpful in staying the course.”

Ron is now able to participate more actively with his students while teaching Judo, he can sit on the ground to play with his 5 year old for longer than before, can play softball and sprint without limping. Perhaps one of his biggest accomplishments- he is able to get in and out of a squat without anxiety!

Can you relate to Ron’s story? Or, have you had a similar experience here at Envision Sport? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email or give us a call at (949) 713-6445.

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