Patient Spotlight: Barbara Z.

In November of 2017, Barbara fell on marble steps in the middle of evacuating from a typhoon when she was on vacation in Thailand. Upon returning to the United States, she went into surgery on her left knee. We first saw Barbara about two weeks after her operation and geared up for her physical therapy journey together. Unfortunately, Barbara’s road to recovery took some massive hits and we were not able to officially begin our PT journey until March of 2018.

Patient Success

Barbara hit a massive uphill battle with an infection from her surgery, which required several more operations; one which required a picc line! From battling intense nausea, numbness around her incisions, unable to get into bed, out of bed, sit, stand, walk, let alone participate in her favorite activity of playing golf without pain, Barbara felt as though she was at ground zero. She had been using a walker at the time in order to get around, but she was determined to get back to her life ASAP and had no hesitations about the long PT journey ahead.

Today she is close to graduating from physical therapy and feeling incredible! She has made extreme leaps and bounds with her recovery. Barbra progressed from using a walker to a cane to no walking assistance tools whatsoever. She reports having great endurance for walking, being able to sit through a movie, at a restaurant for a meal and is even back to working on her golf swing again! She is very grateful to have this much flexibility and mobility back in her knee because she is living her life again without extreme limitations.

What Barbara loves most about Envision Sport is that we were able to help her avoid having a knee replacement which would have been her 5th operation on her left knee. She says she is, “totally impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the entire staff.” Barbra has been an all-star patient of ours and we are incredibly proud of the progress she has made. We are beyond grateful to have her as part of our family and look forward to her continued health and wellness.

Can you relate to Barbara’s story? Or, have you had a similar experience here at Envision Sport? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email or give us a call at (949) 713-6445.

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