Holiday Gift Guide: 12 Gift Ideas from Envision Sport

We are just about 2 weeks away from Christmas, which means if you're not quite done shopping for gifts, it's time to kick it into high gear! We've compiled a list of 12 awesome gifts you can give the ones you love, and they can all be purchased inside our doors! Scroll through this list of gifts everyone will enjoy and head-on into the studio to grab them before they're gone!

HYPERVOLT: Powerful. Quiet. Fully connected - $349

The Hyperice Hypervolt delivers a symphony of power, performance, and variability. Designed to accelerate warmup and recovery, the Hypervolt uses QuietGlide™ technology to deliver three speeds of rapid percussion almost silently. The quietest percussion massage device you can find, now fully connected for automated use with the Hyperice App.

KEY BENEFITS: Accelerates warmup and recovery // Improves range of motion and flexibility // Reduces muscle soreness, and stiffness // Enhances muscle performance

TOESOX - $18 - $22

The non-slip sole on Pilates ToeSox makes for secure footing on any surface, while the soft organic cotton blend keeps toes cozy throughout your practice. These are a must when attending your Pilates classes to ensure proper grip and stability as well as comfort and ease of movement. Your feet will also look adorable!

VYPER: The Game Changer - $199

Strong, sleek, and durable, The Vyper is the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller. Featuring all the traditional benefits of foam rolling amplified by three powerful speeds of vibration, the Vyper changes the rolling game.

KEY BENEFITS: Enhances muscle performance // Improves range of motion and flexibility // Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness


This one is for the Pilates lover in your life! Whether it's a gift certificate towards a membership or class packages, this gift idea is a simple yet thoughtful one! Did we mention that When you buy $50 worth of gift certificates for a friend or family member, you'll receive a [FREE] pair of ToeSox for yourself! Woot woot!

HYPERSPHERE MINI: Power meets portability - $99

Perfect for travel, the TSA carry-on approved Hypersphere Mini targets your tightest areas with precision to help you move better.

KEY BENEFITS: Enhances muscle performance // Improves range of motion and flexibility // Reduces muscle soreness and stiffness

FOAM ROLLER - $29.99

Incorporating foam rolling into your daily routine can help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation and increase your joint range of motion. Foam rolling can be an effective tool to add to your warmup or cooldown before and after exercise. This is a gift that can be given to just about anyone and is a high contender on this list!

VENOM - $249

The Venom is a digitally connected wearable device that combines heat and vibration to warm, loosen, and relax stiff muscles. Encouraging circulation and pushing out the soreness, the Venom features a premium neoprene compression wrap that holds heat and vibration right where you need it most. The Venom Back focuses heat and vibration on your core, helping circulate oxygenated blood. Since almost all athletic movement involves your core, the Venom Back is ideal for easing overall muscle soreness and stiffness in the body. Who doesn't want that!?


The Super Pinky Ball is a simple, portable, and effective massage aid for the feet, hands, or body. The ball features a firm density for a tremendous self-massage of tired feet, sore hands, and tense muscles. It can also help with the prevention or relief of plantar fasciitis by stretching the plantar fascia. This is another gift on our list that is great for anyone and everyone!


In addition to polarized CBD, Quanta has now applied their patented polarization technology to Arnica, Montana, making this their fastest-acting topical yet! Polarized ingredients are more energized, creating deeper absorption through dermal layers, potentially leading to more relief and less inflammation.* This is a great gift for the person who loves to try new things!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All Quanta products are made with ZERO THC. There is no psychoactive effect from taking Quanta products.

THERABANDS - $5.99 - $7.99

TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands help users rehabilitate injuries, improve functional living, enhance athletic performance, and makes measuring progress and achieving goals for fitness or therapy easy. The resistance bands are easy-to-use, convenient, portable, and are an effective alternative to free weights and weight machines. They can be used in the clinic, at home, or on-the-go. They are available in 8 color-coded levels of progressive resistance, giving at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next and allows the user to progress as they get stronger. This is also an ideal choice for latex-sensitive users as it’s not made from natural rubber latex.

KEY BENEFITS: Tones & conditions all major muscle groups, perfect for those with latex allergies or sensitivities // Can be used for strength training, stretching, rehabilitation, and increasing range of motion for both upper and lower extremities // Easy-to-use. versatile, and convenient, can be used in the clinic, at home, or on-the-go // Includes basic exercise instructions written by a licensed physical therapist

ROCKTAPE - $18.99 - $22.99

RockTape is the world’s best kinesiology tape. It can be used to treat sports and non-sports injuries. RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, creating a decompressive effect. Stretchier, stickier, and stronger than the competition, RockTape is preferred by athletes and medical professionals throughout the world.

KEY BENEFITS: Relieves swelling through decompression, which speeds recovery. // Increases awareness of your body position to help you maintain proper posture and form. This is a great gift for the athlete in your life.


Designed for home use, the Ultra-Fit Circle® is made of flexible plastic with a soft, rubberized shell. Padded handles on both the inside and the outside of the ring offer superior comfort. You can use the ring to work your arms as resistance, to target your core, tone your legs, and improve your balance, just to name a few. This is a great gift to pair with a Pilates gift certificate or the Super Pinky Ball!

We hope you enjoyed this holiday gift guide round-up! We'll see you in the studio soon to ring you up! 💚 SOURCES: Theraband:,Hyperice Venom:,Hyperice Hypervolt:,Hyperice,Hypersphere Mini:,Hyperice Vyper:,RockTape:,Quanta:,Super Pinky Ball:,ToeSox:,Pilates Ring:,Foam Roller:

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