Patient Spotlight: Angela M.

Angela first came to Envision Sport Physical Therapy in August of 2020 when she was referred by her Podiatrist, Dr. Aziz, to see PT, DPT, Melissa Walls. Before coming to Envision she had never seen a physical therapist. “I am a firm believer because of Envision and your team. I think everyone should go for anything because when we really started to make changes to the other parts of my body that were affecting my plantar fasciitis, the healing began to kick in gear really quickly.”

Here's a little more about Angela and her story:

“Two years ago, at the end of my pregnancy was when my plantar fasciitis began. I developed a limp and had pain all day/night, and was losing sleep. I ignored the issue because I was home with two babies and working full time. When I finally realized my activity level drop was causing some depression, I went to see my podiatrist. I was in a boot for months before coming to physical therapy, and Envision was the light that I needed at the end of the tunnel. Within a week at Envision, I began to notice the difference in my pain levels, and I started to get excited to come to every session because I knew that this was going to be where I found my cure. I couldn’t be happier, and I look forward to my future pain-free and back out there, playing with my kids again. I will miss the team because I enjoyed how friendly everyone is and will miss our little chats in between exercises. I would recommend Envision for every reason in the world, but mainly for the reason of healing and getting back to life.”

“My advice would be to follow the instruction of the Physical Therapist and be honest with your therapist about all the areas that hurt. You will learn that different parts of your body may actually be the source of your pain. You have to put in the work to make the changes because the therapists are providing you with the knowledge to make your life better. Go home and actually do the instructed exercises daily because that will shorten your recovery period. I would have bet a million dollars I was going to need surgery, and now two months later, I am all better and glad I didn’t make that million-dollar bet.”

Before Angela took the leap to come to Envision Sport, her pain level was at a 7. She was unable to take part in many things she loved including taking hikes, playing sports and even walking. Angela found herself starting to limp after about 15 minutes into her walks. After completing Physical Therapy, she is walking without pain and is building her stamina for longer hikes. “I went to the San Diego Zoo last week and had no pain, which was mind-blowing to me.” We are so thrilled for Angela and all her accomplishments. We cannot wait to see what's next for her!

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