Patient Spotlight: Heidi B.

Heidi B.

Have you ever heard of a Lisfranc Fracture? Not many people have, but after falling and breaking her foot, Heidi discovered she suffered from this rare and traumatic break. At the recommendation of friends and neighbors, Heidi found the Envision Sport team in September of 2018.

Having been to physical therapy in the past, Heidi wasn’t excited about having to go back after breaking her foot. After talking with friends and neighbors, Heidi was recommended to see Melissa Walls of Envision Sport. She contacted Melissa and knew Envision Sport was going to be a great fit for her recovery.

“When I started at Envision Sport, I had only been out of my cast, and in a boot for a few days. I wasn't able to walk or put any pressure on my foot even though the doctor released me to walk in the boot. I had severe nerve pain that was preventing me from wanting to put any ounce of pressure on my foot.”

About a month into physical therapy for her foot, Heidi had her shoulder checked out by a local physician and discovered she had two torn tendons; she started physical therapy for her shoulder shortly after. Over the course of her physical therapy, Heidi worked with a couple of different Physical Therapist and physical therapy aides.

“They walked me through what needed to be done in a way that I understood. They were patient, and kind and always may me feel like I was heard. They all brought their own special touch and helped me get to where I'm at today with their wealth of knowledge.”

When we asked Heidi what advice she would give to other patients going through physical therapy, she recommended getting to know your therapists and aides, and don’t be afraid to “ask them a ton of questions.”

“In a short amount of time, thanks to the Envision team, I became free of the nerve pain and was well on my way to recovery. Now I can walk, run, and do anything I want!”

Can you relate to Heidi’s story? Or, have you had a similar experience here at Envision Sport? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email or give us a call at (949) 713-6445.

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