Patient Spotlight: Kim F.

Kim F. at CrossFit

Every recovery is different! Unfortunately for Kim, the recovery process was longer than she had originally expected. After experiencing pain in her shoulder, Kim sought out the help of her doctor who recommended she try physical therapy with the Envision Sport team.

“I wasn’t able to use my left arm without severe pain. I enjoyed going to CrossFit, but was no longer able to go. I had pain in most activities, including sleeping.”

Kim started with the Envision Sport Physical Therapy team in January of 2018 after visiting her doctor. Having been to physical therapy for other injuries in the past, she knew what to expect in her sessions.

Along her recovery journey, Kim hit some minor roadblocks that caused her recovery to be a bit longer than expected. However, she never gave up! She continued to show up to her sessions and completed her exercises at home.

With the help of the staff, Kim is back to the things she loves most and continues to use the exercises she was taught at home.

“I am now able to do almost all the activities I enjoyed before my injury. I’m even back doing a modified CrossFit program.”

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