Patient Spotlight: Sandy H.

Finding a medical office that you can call home can be a challenge! But for Sandy, she found a home (and PT family) when she found Envision Sport, then South County Physical Therapy & Pilates, 15 years ago. Sandy had been trying out Pilates at another location when a knee problem arose. In need of some help, Sandy sought out the expertise of Jen and the South County team.

“I had been to several other practices in the area before finding [South County], but this place was different because of the openness and interaction everyone had during sessions. [There’s] privacy when needed, but it was actually fun to come in and interact with everyone and other patients sometimes.”

Her positive experience in physical therapy led her to become a “regular” here at Envision Sport. Since then, Sandy has returned to Envision Sport Physical Therapy & Pilates for Pilates as well as several other injuries including her shoulder and back.

As Sandy has remained consistent with her Pilates classes, she’s noticed an improvement in her overall health and strength. “I knew I wouldn’t injure myself here because of the trained instructors and the fact that they communicated with my therapist at the same time when in question as to what was best for me.”

“I would recommend Envision Sport to anyone in need of PT. At least experience the difference. I have made so many wonderful connections here and have acquired many friendships that would have never happened elsewhere. I love my PT family!”

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