Pilates For Flexibility

Pilates for Flexibility

Pilates is a great way to improve your flexibility. It is important to maintain our flexibility overtime because it can help reduce injuries. If you have ever been curious about Pilates, or if you would like to try one of these mat movements at home or reformer exercises in your next class, here are some movements to help increase your flexibility. Each exercise shows step by step movements throughout the exercise, along with video and picture demonstrations. We also explain why each one is beneficial to your flexibility.

Spine Stretch - Stretch your hamstrings and back while strengthening your core

  • Start with legs extended forward, shoulder distance apart, and feet flexed

  • Lift your arms in front at shoulder height while not tensing your neck

  • Inhale lengthen the spine tall and pull the abdominals in

  • Exhale articulate the spine forward into a c shape scooping the abdominals in more

  • Inhale return the spine to original position by slowly sitting up one vertebra at a time

  • Repeat exercise 4-6 times

Saw – Stretch your hamstrings and hips while working your core and rotating your spine

  • Start with legs extended forward, shoulder distance apart, and feet flexed

  • Lift your arms to shoulder height and out to a “T” while keeping your shoulders relaxed from your ears

  • Inhale, twist the spine to the right keeping the hips level

  • Exhale, use your abdominals to lean forward and reach your left pinky finger toward your right pinky toe as if you are sawing off your pinky toe.

  • Inhale return the body to a tall, elongated spine

  • Exhale, unwind the spine and return to center

  • Repeat exercise alternating sides. Do 3-5 repetitions on each side

Mermaid on the reformer - Stretch your side body to help improve your flexibility

Recommended Springs: 1 Red

  • Start seated on the reformer facing the side

  • Legs can either be in a mermaid sit (z-sit) with the shin against the shoulder block, or in another comfortable seated position

  • Place the base of the palm of the hand closest to the foot bar on the foot bar

  • Inhale, extend the arm out of the hand that is on the foot bar and reach your opposite arm out to the side and overhead for a side stretch (make sure to keep both shoulders relaxed and ease out of the stretch if any strain is felt)

  • Exhale return back to your starting position bending your elbow and lowering the opposite arm back down

  • Repeat the exercise 5 times on one side and then repeat on other side

Feet in straps leg lowers on the reformer - Stabilize your core and stretch your hamstrings

Recommended Springs: 1 Red 1 Blue or 2 Reds

  • Lying on with the head rest up or down for your comfort, place your feet into the straps

  • Maintain a neutral spine (maintain natural curves of the spine without tucking the pelvis or overarching the spine) while extending your legs up to the ceiling

  • Exhale, lower the legs down ½ way while maintaining neutral spine

  • Inhale, lift the legs back up without lifting the pelvis

  • Repeat 8-10 times

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