Top Beneficial Exercises for Skiing

Updated: Mar 16

With the seasons changing, temperatures dropping, and ski lifts opening, now is the perfect time to brush up on your conditioning and get ready for the ski season. We have compiled the top exercises to help you prepare along with why they are each beneficial to you to condition towards doing your favorite sport!

skier skiing in the snow
top beneficial exercises for skiing

S/L Hip ABD: Begin lying on your side, bottom knee bent, with your hips against a wall, hand stabilizing your top hip. Keeping hips in line, lift the top leg up towards ceiling. Return to starting position.

10 reps/ 3 sets/ 1 per day

Equipment Mat.

*Why is it beneficial? This exercise is important for strengthening your gluteus medius. This is an important muscle for pelvic stability which in turn can impact your knee, hip, and lumbar function in a closed chain position. Your glutes are extremely active in skiing.

Single Leg Deadlifts:

This exercise may best be described in a video. Start with feet hip-width apart and shift weight onto right foot. Begin to dip your torso forward keeping a straight line while simultaneously extending your left leg behind you in a straight line. As you reach your most forward trunk position, return to your starting position by squeezing your glut on your standing leg.

10 reps/ 1 set

*Why is it beneficial? Single leg deadlifts work on strengthening your core, glutes, and hamstrings. These muscles are essential for proper skiing.

Standing Lunges:

Begin standing, hands on hips with one leg in front of the other while maintaining hip distance. Lower the back knee toward the ground along with your body and then return to starting position. Make sure knees do not go forward of the toes.

10 reps/ 3 sets

*Why is it beneficial? Lunges are great for strengthening your quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

Lateral Hops: Begin the exercise by standing on one leg and having your arms extended out and together in front of you. Slowly position yourself into a mini squat stance, slightly bending your knee and shifting your hips back. While bracing your core, start by hopping on one leg towards the other cone. When landing, bend your knees to soften impact and try to maintain a mini squat position as you hop from side to side.

Reps 10 set 1

*Why is it beneficial? Lateral hops improve your quadriceps, gluteus medius and gluteus maximus strength. In addition, they help improve your power as you need to quickly contract those muscles in order to jump. They improve motor coordination as well with proper attention to form on jumping and landing positions.

Dead Bugs: Start with knees bent and arms up towards the ceiling. Slowly raise one leg up to a 90-degree angle before extending the leg straight out while simultaneously extending the opposite arm back. Bring the leg back to 90 as well as the opposite arm before slowly lowering the leg back to neutral. Repeat with the other leg and arm.

10 reps 2 sets

*Why is it beneficial? This exercise is beneficial to teach proper core stability by allowing the arm and leg to move with stabilizing the trunk.

Bird Dogs:

Begin quadruped with hands under shoulders, knees under hips. Keeping chin tucked, lift one arm and opposite leg simultaneously, bringing them in line with your back. Hold, then return to starting position and repeat on other side.

Reps 20 Set 1

*Why is it beneficial? Bird dogs or pointer dogs are beneficial for rotationary stability and posterior hip stability. They are beneficial to multifidus control which is important for trunk stability.

If you try any of these exercises, please let us know in the comments section! We would be happy to hear from you! You can also use the exercises from our snowboarding blog, in addition or interchangeable with these exercises too.

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