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Stephanie Yee

Stephanie Yee has been actively practicing yoga for five years. She is truly inspired by yoga’s transformative power on and off the mat.  After experiencing chronic health issues in 2010, she began a yoga regimen to alleviate the stressors from the illness on her body.  Yoga became a source of love, strength, and nourishment for her, and she decided to share her passion for yoga by becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher (200-RYT), certified at Yogaworks in Mission Viejo, with an additional certificate in Chair Yoga (LVCYT).  In her teachings, she incorporates asana (poses) flow with pranayama (breath work), focusing on alignment and drawing upon the body’s natural capability to heal and expand from within each unique body and honest self.  She constantly strives to create a fun and compassionate centered class, which allows her students to adapt to her teachings on their own level. Her ultimate goal is to teach her students the ability to harmonize their breath and movement, in order to find space in their body and explore a deeper awareness of themselves, while trying to find balance, peace and happiness.