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They were able to supplement stretches, exercises, and additional tips that I could utilize before, during, and after my workouts. Ultimately, they heard me, understood me, and were genuinely so helpful to helping achieve my fitness goals… they did not limit me, they pushed me to succeed!”

Kristina M.

girl sitting on the stair


Am approaching the 1 year anniversary of my first Pilates class at Envision and they have earned more than a 5 star rating.  The studio is clean and the staff are welcoming, friendly, professional and incredibly well trained.  I have never done the same workout twice.  All ages and skill levels can participate in any class.  Prior to class each participant is asked about injuries, sensitivities such as low back, neck or knee issues.  Exercises are modified depending on the skill level of the individual and boundaries are respected when the participant reaches their limit.  During this past year I have had an enormous improvement in strength, balance and flexibility and can now bounce up the stairs at home versus the stomp/drag of the past.


“They walked me through what needed to be done in a way that I understood. They were patient, and kind and always may me feel like I was heard. They all brought their own special touch and helped me get to where I'm at today with their wealth of knowledge.” 

Heidi B.


Envision Pilates is awesome. Staff is super friendly and always supportive! I have been attending class for several months now and enjoy working out with all on the instructors! They keep each class new and exciting. I highly recommend Pilates to all and Envision is top notch! Thanks to Darrin, Melissa, Kelley, Linda, and Mary!